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Wunderbar is relocating!

Wunderbar temporarily closed on November 1, 2023 and looks forward to re-opening in Syracuse in 2025. Keep an eye on our social media for when the new location is announced!

Wunderbar is a safe space for queer people to be themselves.

 We proudly celebrate queer culture and identity.


If you don't identify as queer, that's cool. You are still welcome at Wunderbar. Just be down to celebrate queerness and maybe learn a thing or two about what it means to be an active ally. We're fabulous & happy to share.

QUEER resources

Help contribute to our queer community by patronizing and supporting LGBTQ spaces in Syracuse

Yes, honey. Queer. It's the 'Q' in LGBTQ and it's widely recognized as a way to say that you are something other than straight. It's often considered a more relaxed term which doesn't require strict guidelines or definitions.

you say?

In this box, let's talk about Art. But let's also talk about Art that isn't in any boxes. Wunderbar is your canvas. Theatre. Music. Projection. Dance. Song. Paint. Clay. Whatever. Turn your dreams into reality. Have an idea? We'll help you make it happen.


It's going to be hard to pin us down, because we're vibing something new. Theatre? Dance hall?  Gallery? Classroom? I dunno! Wunderbar is all for you. Be weird. Be funky. Dance. Drink. Laugh. Grab a craft cocktail at the bar, meet me by the piano, and let's sing the blues.

but what
IS that?



Trexx, 323 N Clinton St, Syracuse, NY 13202

Wolf's Den, 617 Wolf Street, Syracuse NY 13203

Red Gym Men's Club, 448 E Brighton Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210

If there are more resources that we've missed,  contact us with updates. 

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