our menus each rotate seasonally



zero proof


fig vodka, rosemary, lemon, topped with bubbly


yellow birch

peppermint infused gin, blackberries, mulled plum tea



brown sugar bourbon, allspice, orgeat, vanilla



spiced cranberry vodka, pear nectar, rosemary, ginger beer


black ash

evan williams, ghirardelli chocolate, black walnut, van gogh espresso


balsam fir

pecan tequila, ginger, pomegranate, lime, cinnamon, sorghum bitters



tulla more dew cider cask, beets, spiced simple, cinnamon bitters, allspice dram


honey locust

cardamom vodka, apricot, frangelico, lemon


cheese board

local cheeses, olives, crackers, whole grain mustard, fig jam, pickles


wunderbar nachos (v)

tortilla chips, slow cooked chicken, house pico, queso, jalapeños,  black beans

$10 (vegan option available - $8)

pulled carrot bbq sliders

house bbq, shredded carrots, topped with lemon slaw and jalapeño crema.

served on a pretzel bun with pita chips. 


wunder pretzels

flash fried pretzel bites served with choice of beer mustard or nacho cheese.


spicy tomato oil & bread

"cheeky monkey" politely spicy tomato oil with stretch bread


garlic ricotta dip & pita (v)


mozzarella sticks (v)

$7 (vegan option available - $7)

hummus & pita (v)


batch #1

vanilla, angostura bitters, peppermint tea


batch #2

cranberry juice, lime, ginger beer


batch #3

lemon juice, black tea simple, orange bitters, mulled plum cider tea


batch #4

pear nectar, lemon, chai simple 


batch #5

grapefruit, pineapple, cinnamon, soda


saranac sparkling lemonade


saranac shirley temple


saratoga sparkling/still water


rotating kombucha

bottle and draft!


cbd oil (add-on)