Saturday, June 5th  4PM - DUSK

an inclusive community gathering

at WILLOw bay in onondaga lake park

QTPOC • Lesbian • Bisexual • PANsexual • Asexual 
Trans • Intersex • Non-Binary • GNC • ALLIES


Masks • Picnic Blankets • Chairs • Games
Coolers • Food • Drinks • Grill Stuff

Please respect both the CDC's and NYS's recommended COVID safety protocols as well as everyone's personal comfort levels. We ask you to space blankets appropriately outside of your immediate friend/family group and keep a mask on hand for people that prefer you wear yours. Simple rule: if someone is wearing a mask, approach them with a mask on!

afterwards, please join us


Saturday, June 5th  dusk - close • no cover

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#comeoutcookout #whatscookingoodlookin

While this event is geared towards creating a safe and fun space for queer women, this event is inclusive of all genders and sexualities. All are welcome here, with the exception of creeps and jerks.

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