Wunderbar has REOPENED!

Renovated patio area allows for winter friendly outdoor seating


Trivia on Fridays

Live Entertainment on Saturdays


Press Release

January 15, 2021

Relieved with the recent news that they can allow indoor dining again, Wunderbar is gearing up to reopen their doors next week. In addition to well spaced out tables in their eclectic bar and theatre space, this unique venue has also tackled the outdoor dining challenge with creative gumption. Who could imagine that guests would be seated outside in the middle of winter in Syracuse, NY? Thanks to grant funding from the Syracuse Economic Development Council, Wunderbar has designed and renovated their outdoor patio and they are ready to launch the new space. If you happen to drive through downtown Syracuse and pass West and Fayette Streets, take a peek! You will see a brand new pergola style structure with wooden pillars and a corrugated metal roof. The clear removable walls allow for the area to be heated and comfortable, but also ventilated with fresh open air.







“This was a real family effort for this struggling business in the orange zone

and we are hoping people will come out and give some Winter Socializing a try!”

says Tanner Efinger, owner and Managing Director of Wunderbar.

Initially, Wunderbar will only be open on Friday and Saturday nights. On Fridays they will host a trivia night, which has been very successful in the past and is a great way for people to get out of their house, enjoy the company of people within their cluster, while comfortably distancing from other guests. On Saturdays, live entertainment emerges from the ashes as Wunderbar reaches out to support local artists during this time. The music industry was hit really hard when COVID hit. Musicians were among the first affected by this pandemic and likely will be the last to be allowed to fully return to work. Wunderbar’s expanded space will allow for small acts to safely perform socially distant sets while guests are seated at their tables.. What's more,  the last Saturday of each month will be a special event and feature drag queens. If you are interested in performing, please contact events@wunderbarsyr.com.

Being forced to think outside of the box may have positive long term effects. Perhaps outdoor dining all year long will be a concept that will last longer than COVID. Syracuse has a unique opportunity here to be creative and develop new cultural happenings that can benefit our community in ways we could have never imagined.

Wunderbar is located at 201. S West Street in downtown Syracuse. Due to capacity limits, reservations are recommended and they can be found online at www.wunderbarsyr.com.


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